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At a recent meeting with discharge planners, a nurse from Emerson Hospital in Concord emphasized the importance of an immediate response when she has a patient heading home and in need of care.

Caring Companion Connections is always staffed for immediate response, because we maintain additional staff capacity to meet immediate unanticipated needs in any given shift (for example, a caregiver who cannot work a shift due to a child's illness). So we can provide the response that discharge planners need within 24 hours, often less.

To allow time to make the best possible match of personality, temperament, skills, and client needs, our communications with families typically discuss a three-day response time.  However, when the  immediate need is a skilled, trained, well-managed caregiver to support client safety, meals, and ADL support, we can meet a discharge planner's requirements quickly, and then can begin to work with the family to seek the perfect match once the patient has returned to the home.

In short, whether you need an immediate response to keep a patient safe and secure at home, or a longer term match for a caring companion for a loved one, Caring Companion Connections will provide the quality service your patients and loved ones deserve.


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