No, I'm not going all political here! I'm referring to the civilized tradition of people sitting down and taking tea with one another. Sometimes, we're so busy doing trying to squeeze in a little more housework, errand running, organizing, and on and on (and on!), that we forget the importance of taking a little sit-down with the elder we’re caring form.

I encourage our caregivers to establish a tradition with clients that a certain time is for sharing a cup together.  They make it special for both of them: nice dishware, a little music. No agenda, no rush: just taking a spot of tea (or coffee, or whatever is preferred).  Talking, listening, slowing down, unwinding, just being together.

In my opinion, some of this on a regular basis is much more important than any other aspects of caregiving – for everyone.  Recall that caregivers don’t usually schedule in a little sit-down during our day. Teatime serves as a gift we give ourselves, too.

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